Rifle Paper is Here!

Checking in the Rifle Paper Co. order, trying to make sure I leave some for you. 😉😂❤ #oneforyouoneforme #thisisgifted

Favourite To Make

Hey, friends! 🙋 Day 4 of #marchmeetthemaker is FAVOURITE TO MAKE (respecting @joannehawker ‘s British English spelling there 😊) Being a brick and mortar shop owner first and maker second… the boring but honest answer to that question is: anytime I get to sit down and work on ANY of my projects, it’s my favorite….

Don’t You… Forget About Birthdays.

I love this paper pack from @echoparkpaper ! And I love this song. Like, put my lipstick on with no hands, dance on the library stacks, freeze-framed fist pump in the air, love this song. #namethatmovie #happybirthday #thisisgifted