Rifle Paper is Here!

Checking in the Rifle Paper Co. order, trying to make sure I leave some for you. 😉😂❤ #oneforyouoneforme #thisisgifted

Favourite To Make

Hey, friends! 🙋 Day 4 of #marchmeetthemaker is FAVOURITE TO MAKE (respecting @joannehawker ‘s British English spelling there 😊) Being a brick and mortar shop owner first and maker second… the boring but honest answer to that question is: anytime I get to sit down and work on ANY of my projects, it’s my favorite….

Useful Things

I’m a romantic dinosaur, I’ll admit it.  I enjoy things that aren’t necessarily useful or needed for everyday use anymore.  Greeting cards, bookmarks, book plates and even journals are all things that I have made or aspire to make to sell here at the shop.  With our super useful technology having become the norm, many…

Does this smell funny to you?

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day! Yay! Small (but thoughtful) gift ready to go… check! Plans to have Mr. Charles cover the shop… check! Movie times and lunch spot scouted…check! Wait. What’s missing? *forehead slap. Mom’s Happy Mother’s Day card! Bleh. Here at Gifted I am the resident lover of all things paper and paper related. I…