Well, friends… I rolled my ankle yesterday when I fell down some steps and it’s sprained pretty bad. 🤦‍♀️ The good news is I had breakfast in bed this morning! 🤗 The bad news is I’m stuck here for the rest of the day and I can’t open the shop. I’ll be back open come…

A Sad Goodbye

This morning Parkinson’s took my sweet Grampa from us. Mom and I need a moment to reflect and grieve so we will be closed today. If you need me, Richard Jay’s “favorite oldest granddaughter” will be out in the garden smiling while she prays and remembers a wonderful man and a life well lived. ❤


The shop is closed today but we’ll be back to regular hours tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m trying to get some reading done with this highly distracting view from my back stoep. 🤷‍♀️🥰😉 #countrylife #thisisgifted

Snow Day

I haven’t had real snow at my house since before the drought. It won’t stick long but gosh I sure do love it when it’s here. ❤ The power is out at both my house and Mom’s so the shop is closed today. Stay safe and warm, my friends. #snowday #thisisgifted

Let’s Get Cozy

So cozy!!! 🧦❤🌬 We may not be facing a polar vortex but there is a serious storm coming our way here in the foothills. Here are some of my recommended essentials for a cozy, rainy weekend! #staycozy #hygge #thisisgifted Cozy Essentials Clockwise from top left: 1. Cowl Neck Scarf in turquoise $14.99 2. Spiced Mug…

The festivities have died down, the husband has gone back to work and it feels like my first real day of winter break. I have been bouncing back and forth between two possible versions of myself this morning. One Jeannette says “Work on your 2019 marketing plan! Read that business book! Make product! Redesign the…

Spring Fever Road Trip

It’s the perfect spring day to get out for a drive and drop in for a visit. #springfever #thisisgifted #roadtrip #jacksonca @jacksonmainstreet

Time To Relax

•TIME TO RELAX• Day 10 of #marchmeetthemaker This is not a problem for me. I’m a very “Work hard, relax hard” kind of woman. 😉😆 Some of my favorites… (Not pictured: Olympic level napping with husband and dog. 🐶) #timetorelax #meetthemaker

How Hanukkah Helped Me Heal

Hanukkah begins this year on December 12th at sundown. I know this not because I am Jewish but because I’ve been looking forward to it since Hanukkah ended last year. I am a Christian who happens to be friends with a man named Tod… who happens to be Jewish… who also happens to be an…

Let’s Take a Mental Vacation! 

Last week, Gifted artist Jeanie Watson brought in a few new pieces of her fine art as well loads of her bestselling greeting cards and matted prints. I find myself getting lost in this original of Mission San Juan Bautista.  I don’t mind, though! In fact, taking a quick mental break from the workday is…