Not My Car

Warning: if you park your gorgeous classic car in front of my shop I will take pictures of it and pretend it’s mine for a minute. 😉😁🤗 #thisisgifted #classiccars

Free Make and Take

Take your pick when you drop in this weekend to make your own free souvenir pin! #dandeliondays #thisisgifted

San Francisco Chronicle Feature

Happy Monday, friends! I want to thank @visitamador for working so tirelessly to promote Amador tourism with features like Sunday’s Gold Country insert in the @sfchronicle . ❤ We’re so damn excited to be featured in the arts article along side fellow creative boss lady @madeinamador ! It was a lovely insert that highlighted so…

Tiptoeing into Spring

Spring is starting to tiptoe into the foothills.🌦 💐 The naturalized daffodils in and around our property are blooming in clumps of twenty or thirty at a time. They’re so pretty! 😍 Some of my favorites though are the ones that pop up as just one or two in the middle of the pasture and…

Painting With My Niece

A little color theory with Miss Raegan while we enjoy the gorgeous weather. ❤ #colortheory #thisisgifted

Snow Melts My Heart

The snow never gets old for this SoCal native. ❄ Losing the power at my house… that gets old real quick, but the snow never fails to thrill me. ❄❤❄ #snowday #jacksonca

Reindeer Games!

That, right there is the love of my life manning the Reindeer Ring Toss tonight and tomorrow night at Christmas Delights. Go make his night and play a round! 🦌❤ #jacksonmainstreet #christmasdelights #thisisgifted

Summer Memories

I came across this photo from one of the yearly dinners that we used to host in our little apple orchard every August for seven years. I called it “Dinner in the Orchard”… we ate a big meal under the apple trees by the creek while the August heat dissipated into a (usually) warm evening….

Summer Bucket List

I can’t stand the heat of summer but I really do love the idea of summer and all the fun that comes with the season. If only it could stay a comfortable seventy-five degrees for those three months! #wishfulthinking Looking forward to the county fair, big ‘ol scoops of Munnerlyn’s ice cream and outdoor movies…

Spring Fever Road Trip

It’s the perfect spring day to get out for a drive and drop in for a visit. #springfever #thisisgifted #roadtrip #jacksonca @jacksonmainstreet