A Gift That Gives Back

Amador S.T.A.R.S. just dropped off a handful of their gorgeous 2019 calendars! Proceeds from these $15 beauties help this great group continue to provide FREE local support for cancer patients and survivors! Get yours now right at our front desk. ❤ #giftsthatgiveback #amadorstars


•flatlay• is day 8 of #marchmeetthemaker I’m obsessed with rainbow order and just color in general! Scroll down to see my new favorite from @marshmueller… the Oh, Snap! Clutch. It’s the perfect size for makeup, snacks or about five tiny bottles of alcohol. 😉 #priorities And yes, that is an awesome zombie print on the…

Favourite To Make

Hey, friends! 🙋 Day 4 of #marchmeetthemaker is FAVOURITE TO MAKE (respecting @joannehawker ‘s British English spelling there 😊) Being a brick and mortar shop owner first and maker second… the boring but honest answer to that question is: anytime I get to sit down and work on ANY of my projects, it’s my favorite….

MarshMueller for Your Baby!

“MarshMueller” is not only fun to say but it is also a terribly fun line of baby accessories from the Oregon studio of Holly Marsh. Debuting this awesome product line at Gifted has been in the works since I became aware of Holly and her work through a creative conference (which I highly recommend, check…

Fall is Here, I Declare!

​I know it’s still 10 days to the official start of autumn but I’m calling an ambitious and hopeful, unofficial start now because it stayed under 90° today. Get out your cozy socks and sweaters and… #pumpkinspiceallthethings 😄 #thisisgifted #solmatesocks

When Life Gives You Lemons…

Make sure you’ve always got plenty of sugar on hand for those people that want to shove lemons at you. At the very least you’ll always have plenty of lemonade… and if you keep some rum on hand, it’ll always be a party! Mop up your lemonade makin’ spills with our freshly stocked flour sack…

Pick Up Sticks Now at Gifted!

Just in from Pick Up Sticks! Pencil cups, desk caddies and any other container your heart desires made from vintage yardsticks. Makers, Joan and Pete are a joy to know and we’re thrilled to have them and their highly-awesome work here at Gifted! #thisisgifted #foryourdesk