Another Happy Monday

Where’s the confetti?!?!πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰ My taxes are DONE (24 hours before the cutoff no less πŸ˜‚) Between that and the happy smile my new stationery wall gives me, this week is off to a great start! #happymonday #taxday #thisisgifted

Old Photos

It feels SO GOOD to be back in the shop today!!! Despite my most diligent consults with Dr. Google… I had to finally give in and go to the actual doctor to seek treatment for some mean sinusitis and bronchitis. BUT, I’m on the mend and so happy to come back to the shop and…

Book Cover Journals

Found a guy at Dandelion Days that makes these awesome journals from old book covers and my nerdy, book-loving heart had to have them for the shop! Make your nerdy, book-loving heart happy too and come pick yours out! #thisisgifted #journaling P.S. I have to confess… for as much as I love books, I’ve never…

San Francisco Chronicle Feature

Happy Monday, friends! I want to thank @visitamador for working so tirelessly to promote Amador tourism with features like Sunday’s Gold Country insert in the @sfchronicle . ❀ We’re so damn excited to be featured in the arts article along side fellow creative boss lady @madeinamador ! It was a lovely insert that highlighted so…

Mentioned in Real Weddings Magazine!

Oh, this? That’s just our friends over at @realweddingsmag letting everyone know about our best-seller Spitfire Buck knife in the “for the groom” section of their winter/spring gift guide. πŸ€΅πŸ‘° We totally agree with their recommendation… the Spitfire is an all around great knife! #buyyourmanaknife #thisisgifted #forthegroom

Rifle Paper is Here!

Checking in the Rifle Paper Co. order, trying to make sure I leave some for you. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚β€ #oneforyouoneforme #thisisgifted

My Go-to Small But Thoughtful Gift

The Lippy Clip and key chain wristlet from Gabriel’s Good Tidings is my go-to small but thoughtful gift combo for everything from birthdays to thank yous! This set is heading out to my amazing sister-in-law for her birthday.


❀Three things:❀ 1. Always send that birthday card, thank you note or thinking of you letter no matter how late it is. Better belated then never. (Do I need to sing John Mayer’s, Say at you?😒) NOBODY is going to frown at a belated greeting… 2. I’m 90% sure we started carrying @riflepaperco so I…

Favourite To Make

Hey, friends! πŸ™‹ Day 4 of #marchmeetthemaker is FAVOURITE TO MAKE (respecting @joannehawker ‘s British English spelling there 😊) Being a brick and mortar shop owner first and maker second… the boring but honest answer to that question is: anytime I get to sit down and work on ANY of my projects, it’s my favorite….

Don’t You… Forget About Birthdays.

I love this paper pack from @echoparkpaper ! And I love this song. Like, put my lipstick on with no hands, dance on the library stacks, freeze-framed fist pump in the air, love this song. #namethatmovie #happybirthday #thisisgifted