Painting With My Niece

A little color theory with Miss Raegan while we enjoy the gorgeous weather. ❤ #colortheory #thisisgifted

Snow Melts My Heart

The snow never gets old for this SoCal native. ❄ Losing the power at my house… that gets old real quick, but the snow never fails to thrill me. ❄❤❄ #snowday #jacksonca

I’m Cheating on Jadeite

Could it be that I’m cheating on Jadeite with Marble? 😍😍😍 Beautiful green Jadeite glass has always had a special place in my heart but the warm gray of Marble has me making room on my kitchen shelves for something different. #enoughlovetogoaround #mosserglass #thisisgifted

Mosser Glass Restock

All the jadeite! Mosser Glass is back in stock and we are stocking NEW COLORS! Come visit to take a look at Georgia Blue, Marble and White. ❤ #thisisgifted #jadeite

Snow Day

I haven’t had real snow at my house since before the drought. It won’t stick long but gosh I sure do love it when it’s here. ❤ The power is out at both my house and Mom’s so the shop is closed today. Stay safe and warm, my friends. #snowday #thisisgifted

Let’s Get Cozy

So cozy!!! 🧦❤🌬 We may not be facing a polar vortex but there is a serious storm coming our way here in the foothills. Here are some of my recommended essentials for a cozy, rainy weekend! #staycozy #hygge #thisisgifted Cozy Essentials Clockwise from top left: 1. Cowl Neck Scarf in turquoise $14.99 2. Spiced Mug…