Summer Memories

Evening View
An evening view of our 2009 dinner in the orchard. Photo by Lisa Pascua.

I came across this photo from one of the yearly dinners that we used to host in our little apple orchard every August for seven years. I called it “Dinner in the Orchard”… we ate a big meal under the apple trees by the creek while the August heat dissipated into a (usually) warm evening. Once we were full on homemade panzanella and minestrone we’d make our way up to the pasture and watch the Perseid meteor shower. Some years there were ukuleles and singing. Other times there was just content silence in our fellowship under the stars as we craned our necks to catch a glimpse of the celestial display. We haven’t hosted a dinner in the orchard for four years now and I kinda miss it! There are definitely a few things I would change up… cooking dinner for 20-30 people is pretty intense, even with help from friends. Maybe change it up and do a pot luck? Have it catered? Who knows? I guess we’ll have to wait and see what next summer holds in store! #summermemories #thisisgifted

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