All Good Things…

Indeed, our Painting the Piano Project came to an end last week and I liken my emotions to those that I get after finishing a good book… bittersweet; happy for the experience, wanting more and a little sad that’s it’s over. Charleen painted the finishing touches on the piano last Tuesday as well as the inscription on the back that acknowledges those involved.

The dedication inscription that can be found on the back of the Painted Piano.
The dedication inscription that can be found on the back of the Painted Piano.

Then, on Saturday about a dozen of us met up at the National Hotel Bar to share a toast to Charleen and pull the winning raffle ticket. We sold several hundreds of tickets during this project. Some people bought tickets because they want to help support AmadorArts (our fundraising beneficiary) but were honest in the fact that they hoped to not win the piano because they had no place for it. A few prickled with excitement over the idea of winning the piano and truly desired to own the piece of art. I’m thrilled to report that I recall personally selling what ended up being the winning ticket to Tina Brown and her husband. They were ticket buyers of the latter variety. Mr. Brown plays several instruments, including piano and even plays guitar for elderly folks suffering from dementia. It was a pleasure to meet and chat with the couple that day and I am truly happy to know that this piano is going home with folks that will not only appreciate it’s unique value with it’s new one-of-a-kind skin but plan on making good use of the instrument itself.

These past few weeks I have found myself going down a tiny rabbit hole and exploring the many tracts of opportunity and inspiration that have arisen from this endeavor… Our idea led one kind woman to donate a fully working piano and several others to offer theirs as well. Our beloved artist, Charleen took on her largest project ever and masterfully rose to the challenge to create something amazing. Friendships were born while some that already existed were strengthened. Awareness was raised for our local arts council. And several members of our community not only heard the call to be involved but more importantly, they answered it. I absolutely stayed true to my ways and did much learning and figuring it out as I went. At the end of it all, despite any challenges and disappointments, the victories and lessons-learned speak louder to me than the former and I still find myself saying “So, that was fun!”.

I only wish that the person that slapped the “free” sign on that random flea market piano (that we didn’t get) last year could know how they inspired me to think “What would I do with a free piano?”… because that’s where this whole thing started. Fourteen months later, here is where it ends…

Artist Charleen Tyson stands with her finished work on the Painting the Piano Project.
Artist Charleen Tyson stands with her finished work on the Painting the Piano Project.

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