Priming the Piano

Well, well… who knew watching Charleen paint the piano would be such a learning opportunity? It has been so wonderful to finally get the ball rolling and have Charleen here painting away on a regular basis (could I have taken any longer to get the damn thing sanded and ready for Charleen?). Her and I have both enjoyed having curious customers, art lovers and even children drop in to chat and observe while she works. More times than not, I still have to encourage observers to imagine the finished piece because they mistakenly think the primer white is all the painting she plans to do. (?)

Speaking of primer, Charleen had quite the challenge on her hands trying to find a primer opaque enough to hide the dark wood of the piano well enough. Much to her dismay, she found herself applying several coats of primer in addition to several layers of color and was still unhappy with the result. She tried and failed with several brands and varieties before hitting primer gold with Benjamin Moore’s Fresh Start. Hooray! It offered the coverage she required and still had an acceptable texture for applying the colored layers on top. I can’t wait to see what she does next!

Primed Piano
This baby’s primed and ready to become a one of a kind!
Penciled in design
The side panels of the piano are primed, next Charleen penciled in this design that waits to be made colorful!
Colorful side panel
The other side panel is already being filled in!
It’s been a delight to have a few talented visitors take a seat and give an impromptu performance!

In other good news, raffle ticket sales have been picking up thanks largely to Lyla Osmundsen and her unending enthusiasm for this fundraiser project. She tells anyone that will listen about our efforts and has papered half the county with Painting the Piano fundraiser posters. She’s just a tiny ball of awesome! That being said, if you haven’t been in to buy your tickets (or buy more lately) then I encourage you to remedy that before they are all gone! Tickets are $5 each or 5 for $20.

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