I put a spell on you!

Quick and Easy Halloween Awesomeness!
Quick and Easy Halloween Awesomeness!

As you probably know, I’ve been terribly behind at the shop lately and the same still goes for the Halloween display window. The cauldron is finally done and I’m terribly happy with it but there are other bits and pieces to be made before the entire thing can be installed. We are holding high hopes that I’ll actually be able to make this happen sometime before Thanksgiving.

This year’s theme for the Halloween window is “I put a spell on you” (cue The Divine Miss M sliding into “…and now you’re MIIIIIIIIINE!”)

Thank you Max for that marvelous introduction.
Thank you Max for that marvelous introduction.

Anyway, I wanted to include the actual name of the theme in the window but I didn’t feel like using my usual go to… a banner. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE making banners! I’m the woman that anytime she hears someone is engaged, having a party or giving birth to a baby decides that the one and only touch that they need to make the event perfectly special is a BANNER. But it just didn’t feel right for this project so after mulling it over I decided to do apothecary labels on old bottles. Luckily enough, my best friend just got married (YES, we made a banner for the wedding). Her and her lovely fiance had fun collecting old amber colored glass bottles for the center pieces and it just so happens they are out of town on their honeymoon and I have the key to their house. Sooooo…. I didn’t have to go searching all over and back for bottles. Thanks newlyweds! 🙂

I found some affordable digital blank apothecary labels here and went to town on them with Photoshop. The borders and clip art looked a little too new against the cool grungy label backgrounds so I swiped at them with the eraser using a texture brush set at 25-50% opacity. I purposely left the wording alone because I wanted them to stand out from the label… it’s hard sometimes to get people to catch smaller details in a display window so you have to give up a little subtlety for the sake of communicating the message. They still look pretty nifty though!

I put a spell on these bottles...
I put a spell on these bottles…
...and they're awesome!
…and they’re awesome!

I attached the labels to the bottles with hot glue in hopes of removing them as cleanly as possible so I may eventually return them unharmed to said newlyweds.

Soooooo, twelve bottles, thirty tiny spiders, eight ravens and five strands of orange twinkle lights later…Gifted Halloween Window at NightWhat? Too silhouetted? Sorry, I guess you’ll just have to drop by for a visit and get a close up look for yourself then. 😉

I’m still thrilled with how the cauldron turned out! If you missed that blog find it here.

Rusty Cauldron

Our Gifted WitchHappy Halloween and big thanks to Dana at Breed’s Magickal Notions & Potions for coming through with our Gifted witches hat and her amazing broom!

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