Good Golly Ms. Molly

One of the fun things about being a local business owner is the myriad of opportunities out there to support our community through sponsorships, donations and promotion. Here at Gifted, we carry limited edition, house designed (that’s code for “Jeannette does the best she can and people don’t seem to hate it too much”) over-sized canvas shopping bags. All the profits from these bags go to our local food bank and we are very proud of ourselves for having this program in place since day one here at the shop. Our 4th edition bag is being printed as I write this and I promise to share pictures when they come in.

In addition to our in-house food bank fundraiser we also support the annual Bunco for Breast Cancer…

Hooray for boobies! Our donation to the Amador S.T.A.R.S. Bunco for Breast Cancer 2013

I thought the gift basket/crate turned out nicely and I smile to myself every time I think about how people either grinned inwardly or smirked with a raised eyebrow when they would see the “Gifted loves boobies” tag.  Yup, I like to live of the edge and raise eyebrows with controversial words like boobies. It’s how I roll 😉

Which leads me to one of the funnest fundraisers of the year for business owners like me.  The Amador County Recreation Agency’s Annual Duck Race!  For the regular leg of the duck race people buy tickets that represent one of the thousands of tiny ducks that get dumped into Sutter Creek. They ride the current down stream to the finish line. Something like this but on a smaller scale….

Rubber duck race on the Wupper river in Leichl...

The real fun however is buying an over sized merchant duck and getting your creative kung-fu on. These ducks get painted, altered and tricked out every which way to aid in race quality and visibility while representing the business that sponsors it. It’s the thunder-dome of the duck world.

This is what the merchant ducks look like before the business owners get creative.

Like any good duck parent, the first thing we did was find a name for our girl. I settled on Molly Ringwald… because this ducky’s no sidekick! Get it? Get it? If you don’t get that reference your homework assignment is to watch the 1986 John Hughes classic, Pretty in Pink starring said red-headed eighties super-starlet.

So, anyone that knows me knows that I love glitter in a serious way. No, not in a cute girly squeal at that shiny object because it’s glittery and pink sort of way. I’m talking about a deep abiding almost holy respect for it as a true artistic medium. Behold…. the Gifted Glitter Shrine!

Why yes, the glitter is divided by warm and cool colors!
Why yes, the glitter is divided by warm and cool colors. Thanks for noticing!

Oooooh, the glitter shrine…. *o_O*  Eh hem! So! Yes! Back to Molly Ringwald!

I lined up chipboard letters to spell out our shop name on Molly’s back and strapped them down with a few rubber bands. Then I outlined the letters so I would have a placement guide after I smeared E-6000 on them and put them back in place.

Don’t worry about getting messy with the pen markings because everything gets covered later with the mod podge and glitter.

I glued them down and used the rubber bands to hold them in place until the E-6000 stiffened up.


I gave the letters a day to dry then I mixed up our Mod Podge and glitter and got to painting!

Mix the glue and glitter in smaller batches or you might want to have an airtight container ready to hold the left overs.
Molly's beak had extra shiny paint so it got a light scuffing first. The rest of the body just got a quick swipe with alcohol to make sure she was good and clean!
Molly’s beak had extra shiny paint so it got a light scuffing first. The rest of the body just got a quick swipe with alcohol to make sure she was good and clean!

After a few coats for good coverage, some button eyes and a coat of sealer, Molly was bound for the races!

We went with something close to our shop color (blue) for her body… we thought it would stand out nicely amongst all the other yellow ducks!

Molly made us proud and represented Gifted quite nicely. She didn’t place in the duck races but I say, when you look this fabulous… who cares! You were already a winner in my book Ms. Molly Ringwald.

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